Sapporo Snow Festival which held at first week of February since 1950 in Japan is one of Japan’s largest and most distinctive winter events ‘cause in that festival more than two millions domestic and international tourist can see hundreds of snow statues, ice sculptures and miniature of famous building at Odori Park, Susukino, Satoland site. This festival with started from high school student’s initiative last 61 years, now grow as a international phenomenon rivaled only with Harbin Ice and Snow Festival and Quebec Winter Carnival!  The subject of the statues varies and often features an event, famous building or person from the previous year. At the Satoland site, visitors can enjoy long snow and ice slides as well as a huge maze made of snow. At the Odori Park and Satoland sites visitors can also enjoy a variety of regional foods from all over Hokkaidō, such as fresh seafood, potatoes and corn, and fresh dairy products. The festival lit up daily until 10.00 pm

The Odori Site exhibits more than one hundred smaller snow and ice statues and hosts several concerts and events, many of which use the sculptures as their stage. A great view over Odori Park can be enjoyed from the Sapporo TV Tower, which stands at the eastern end of the park and is opened from 9:00 to 22:30 during the festival (from 8:30 on the weekend). Admission to the top observatory deck costs 700 Yen per adult.

The events in Susukino Site is Opening Ceremony, Photo Session with Ice Queen, Ice Sculpture Contest, Ice Statue Popularity Vote, Closing Ceremony. The Festival held for first time from idea of making snow statues which taken from snow festival at 1935 by elementary school student in Otaru. First festival just contains of six snow statues which made by high school student. Add-in with snow festival in Hokkaido. The festival made lively with contest, gym, dancing and watch movie. In the 1st festival, limit height of statues is 7 meter. But at 4th festival, limited height eliminated and high school student make a statue with height 15 meter. They need snow in big amount so they ask help to Hokkaido government. Since that time, government always help festival by borrowed the appliances. In 5th and 6th along with more participant who contribute by give some snow statues, the statue starts arrange

Since 10th festival, many tourist from abroad came to see Sapporo Snow Festival. Festival at 1972 held together with run of winter olympiad and introduced in foreign world. Since that time, this festival started become destination of foreign tourist. Since 1974, festival made lively with Snow and Ice Chisel International Contest which join by world chisel artists

Festival at 41st and 42nd have been held in four location, but it closed ‘cause just few of snow statues and few of tourist

You can get great view of the snow creations is from TV Tower in Odori Park. Many statues will shine and illuminated at night. People not just contribute with make snow statues and ice sculpture, but hundred of them also be a participant in give information for tourist, help visitor which got trouble or difficulty to continue the tour all along the snowy road on wheelchair, and give service as language translator for foreign tourist